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Pine County Board meetings new location

Pine County Board meetings will be at 10 a.m. at the courthouse boardroom, in Pine City, for the first meeting of the month. The second meeting will be on third Tuesday of the month, at 10 a.m., at the  North Pine Government Center in Sandstone. Check the Pine County website for possible changes

photos by Ailene Croup for PiCK News

Add Bear Creek Tavern to traveling, dining adventure

by Ailene Croup for PiCK News
It’s 26 miles from Hinckley to the Wisconsin border on Highway 48. Farms, fields and forests dot the skyline.
Along the way, at the crossroads of Highway 48 and County Road 21, also known as Cloverdale, there is an oasis. It’s a friendly local spot known well to farmers, hunters, fisherman and those on their way to the border. It’s called Bear Creek Tavern.
Weekend travelers will hold off on dinner until they hit Bear Creek because there’s a Big Buck Burger and pickle fries with their names on it.
Heather Ladd and her husband bought Tanks and christened it Bear Creek Tavern. They added their personable smiles and some new fare to a great menu and never looked back. The trophy bear on the wall is the mascot, or is the tavern named for it? Stop by and ask that question.
Heather’s management degree was put to use when she worked as the manager of Hinckley’s Firehouse Lounge and Liquor Store. She decided to invest her education and experience in a tavern she could call her own.
Heather and her husband, Rob, purchased the tavern last fall just in time for deer season. They were expecting their second child. Their busy lives got busier and there was no slowing down. Rob and a friend had just started Diamond Willow Concrete.
They reinvented the word busy when they welcomed their second son six weeks early, as they had with their first son.
Heather said they knew they would be received well community but the response to opening Bear Creek Tavern was overwhelming.
They have kept may of the customers’ favorite menu items and are working on new ones. The Big Buck Burger still stands tall on the menu. Tappers have also been updated.
Other plans include live entertainment, installing a patio and continuing with the successful party bus to Webb Lake on St. Patrick’s Day - and the dartboard. They will also be sponsoring the Misfits women’s softball team.
Heather plans to have daily food specials and happy hour from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Watch for the specials coming up for fishing opener which will have the added surprise of the flavors of the Kentucky Derby mint julep and Cinco De Mayo margaritas.

Scenic Kettle River

The Scenic and historic Kettle River winds its way through Pine County. It provided power for the the sandstone quarry in Sandstone, Minnesota during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Above left: Up river from the boat launch at the old quarry which is now known as Robinson Park. Above right: Down river from the boat launch.

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