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About A. Gussie Croup

I began my career in journalism in the mid-1990s when I needed some English courses to add some cohesiveness to my educational background. I wasn't shooting for a degree, My English 101 prof convinced me to take a journalism course and write for the school newspaper. They needed some warm bodies. When our home was damaged by a tornado in 1996 and I had to write something which seemed to be the panacea for my bad dreams. I offered the story to the local paper...then another story. The editor asked if I'd like to cover a council story in a town where they'd yet to break into news coverage. I asked when. She said that night. I've never looked back. I freelanced for a couple years then was hired as a reporter in another county. That lasted two years until the manager decided downsizing was in his best interest - last to come, first to go. A few weeks later I was hired as a news editor in Austin Minnesota, a year later as a copy editor in Bedford, Pennsylvania, Four years later, I moved back to Minnesota and freelanced for a few months before I was asked to fill an editorial position in a weekly. I was there nine years and "retired." PicK News came to life in 2016.

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About Jean Priest

Jean Priest, a contributing writer for PiCK News, lives in Duluth, Minnesota.
Jean earned a degree in Elementary Education, a license in Special Education from the University of Minnesota, Duluth and Masters’ of Education from the University of Saint Mary’s.
She taught one year at Hinckley, Minn. During that time, her husband got his degree in teaching. He went on to earn his degree and taught math at Proctor, Minn., until he retired in 2009.
Meanwhile, Jean raised three sons and worked for an insurance agent, for 15 years. She returned to teaching and taught for nine years in Duluth School District’s special education department.
Jean retired in 2014 and lives with her husband, Don, and their Golden Retriever, Spencer, outside of Duluth. She and Don have 3 children and 11 grandchildren.
Jean has become engaged in what’s happening at the local government level and encourages all people to be educated as to what is happening in their state.
She reminds readers it is up to them to direct and inform government officials about their needs.

“Grass roots participation in government is powerful.”

About Terry Croup

Terry Croup has had an interest in local, state and federal politics most of his life. A veteran of the US Navy, his experiences while serving have made him mindful of how very important the national defense and law making is for Americans. Those who decide such things must be watched closely. He is a strong advocate of the U.S. Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights and states’ rights which restrain the growth of government and centralized power. While working in law enforcement and emergency management, he studied political science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He now enjoys attending local board meetings in Pine County and surrounding counties. He enjoys amateur radio and has an extra class radio license. He loves aviation and has earned a pilot’s license. He is a life member of the American Legion. Living on a small hobby farm, just east of Hinckley, Minnesota with his wonderful wife, he enjoys being active with his Boxer mix - Schatzi and his Australian Shepherd- Tippo  and all the wildlife in the area, all under Minnesota's big sky.

About JJ Champa

I was raised in east central Minnesota, and currently reside in northern Minnesota. My employment background has mainly been in Human Resources and most recently Insurance. My passion for writing began when I was a young child. I truly enjoy writing and sharing my experiences and knowledge in areas where I can help and inspire people. My life revolves around my two children and musically talented husband.

About Tami Riedeman

Tami Jo Riedeman is an author and amateur photographer. She attributes her award winning photos and writing to the inspiration of Mother Nature and the people around her. Originally from Minnesota, she lived in California and Oregon before returning to her beloved Minnesota. Tami worked part time at the Hinckley News before she was hired as Office Manager at The Wildcat Sanctuary. You can read more about Tami and see some of her work at her website:

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